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CKS Products are on the market with CE Mark!

We get proud of having CE Mark as CKS Sliding Cable Carriers. Our products are on the market with CE Mark as the proof of our service quality in European Union standards. But what is the meaning of CE Mark? What are its advantages?

About CE Mark

CE Mark occurs with the first letters of the Conformité Européenne word and its meaning is “European Conformity”. CE Mark, expresses suitability of EU norms that is so say the mark is the proof of the free marketability of the products in European Union countries.

CE, is not shaped for the consumers, it doesn’t mean warranty. CE has a meaning for the commissioners and it shows that the product is produced and designed in specific conditions. The products without CE Mark are counted as unreliable and unqualified.

Advantages of CE Mark

• CE Marks proofs that the product can not harm humans, animals and nature.
• CE Mark is the passport of the product, thanks to this mark product can be marketed in European Union countries.
• Industrials must have CE Mark to market their products in local and global areas.
• CE Mark is the proof of the beginning high quality.
• The products without CE Mark, don’t supply to market, they are characterized insecure and unqualified.
• CE Mark is valid in European Union Economic Area. European Union countries don’t reject CE Marked products because of legal reasons.
• CE Mark means suitability to new approach instructions.