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Sliding Roller System Cable Drag Chain

Sliding Cable Carriers are suitable for many moving machine from slide robot to fabric machine. Thanks to special reel design of its sliding cable channel, it is available to use 50 meter or more height areas.

Features of Sliding Roller System Cable Carrier

Sliding Roller System Cable Carrier is using with its special reel system. Thanks to its feature of carry itself, it gives the best solution for 50 meter or longer distances. Reel system eliminates friction between reels and it extends carrier’s lifetime. Non friction of carriers and sliding reel system allow of lower energy consumption (push and pull strength).

Working Principle of Sliding Roller System Cable Carrier

In Roller System, sliding cable carrier is guided along the channel by special reel system, reel system pulls back while carrier passes and after carrier passed it begins support the carrier by opening. Until carries is pulling back, reel system allows discharging the working place by working as the same way. You can watch our video below to view the way of work the Roller System.