Customised electrification solutions

Customised electrification solutions the ideal solutions when it comes to providing reliable energy supplies to all types of cranes, excavators and numerous other types of hoisting equipment. For every installation set-up and supply requirement, we configure the optimum cable reel with suitable drive units and accessories in order to meet the demands of mobile consumers. Our highly resilient reel bodies made of galvanised and deep-drawn sheet metal are available in welded and screw-mounted versions. If required, we can offer a variety of surface treatments to withstand even the toughest climatic or chemical influences. Customised electrification solutions reels can be equipped with virtually all drive types and can be perfectly matched by our specialists to the respective installation set-up.

Drive units at a glance:

  • Three-phased standard motors with brake
  • Torque motor
  • Frequency inverter drives
  • Hydraulic drives
  • Magnetic coupling size 1.8 – 88
  • Turbo coupling size 274 + 366
  • Bevel or flat gearboxes

Drive units: applications and performance in a direct comparison

  Magnetic coupling Frequency inverter motor Turbo coupling Hydraulic motor drive Torque motor
Electrical connection simple simple (motor + fan) simple (motor + brake) - simple (motor)
Torque control - yes - - -
Control options - yes - by customer -
High rotation ++ +++ + +++ -
Rotation speed max. 950 rpm max. 1450 rpm max. 750 rpm max. 3000 rpm max. 300 rpm
Performance/ moment of torque 1,8 to 25 Nm 0,75 kW (5 Nm) to 15 kW (60 Nm) 20 Nm (274) to 30 Nm (366) up to 22 kW -
Moment of inertia high low high low low
Low environmental temperature standard up to -40° C (lower than -25° with heating unit) standard up to -25° C (lower temp. with special solutions) up to -20° C standard up to -25° C standard up to -25° C, lower temp. with heating unit
High environmental temperature standard up to +40° C standard up to +40° C, higher temp. up to +50° C with additional deduction up to +40° Celsius standard up to +40° C, higher temp. with additional deduction standard up to +40° C, higher temp. with add. deduction
Industrial/ outdoor environment suitable suitable suitable suitable suitable
Port suitable suitable suitable suitable suitable
Ship/Sea suitable less suitable suitable suitable suitable
Price/Performance ++ +++ ++ ++ +