Slip Ring Assemblies - application fields

Slip ring assemblies are used wherever energy, data, control signals or other media must be transferred from a rotating to a stationary part. Main application fields for our slip ring assemblies are rotating units in mobile cranes, sewage plants, drilling machines, machine tools or for theatre and stage equipment.

Just one of the many factors guaranteeing the longevity of our products is the high protection class for electrical components. This ensures that they are ideally suited to harsh environmental conditions. Depending on the required range of application, we manufacture slip ring assemblies with a firedamp-protected and explosion-protected design acc. to VDE (Sch) d/Ex d2G3 or Euro standard EEx.deI/IIC.T5 or according to the regulations of the ship classification societies.

Design and Performance

We manufacture slip ring assemblies in combination with cable reels and as stand-alone systems. By using a modular design for open or encapsulated slip ring systems (with or without bearing), we can produce the majority of slip ring assemblies on demand – cost-effectively and quickly.

Specifications of our slip ring assemblies

  • The design refers to the number of electrical contacts, the mechanical size, specific voltage requirements and the protection class
  • High-voltage, control-voltage and low-voltage slip ring assemblies available
  • For operating voltages up to 30.000 V
  • Slip ring contacts are suitable for current transmissions from mA up to 1000 A as well as low and medium voltage
  • Open or enclosed slip rings (with or without bearing)
  • Enclosed design in protection class IP 65 or higher
  • Slip ring bodies solid or split and arranged on top of each other
  • Standard material combination: metal (brass) ring and copper-graphite brush for power supply
  • higher quality for data transfer with rhodium rings in combination with silver brushes
  • Brushes are exchangeable and available separately