Application fields

Spring cable reels serve as reliable energy and data transfer systems for the orderly winding of flexible cables, hoses or ropes. They supply mobile cranes, fire engines and rescue vehicles, loading plants and forklift trucks with mobile energy. Furthermore, spring cable reels are used for energy supply of stage technology equipment, in sewage plants and in many other applications. Depending on the intended purpose and installation requirements, spring-driven cable reels consist of a cylindrical or spiral-winding reel body, an internal or external arranged spring set, and a slip ring assembly. For spring-driven hose reels we provide a rotary valve instead of the slip ring unit.

Spring-driven cable reels with high functionality

Driven by spiral leaf springs, spring cable reels are a cost-effective alternative to motor cable reels in case of lower speeds and distances. The mechanical drive itself is realised via spiral leaf springs made of a high-quality texture-milled spring band steel. This steel allows the system to reach travelling speeds of up to 60 m/min over maximum travel distances of 60 m as well as guaranteeing an average of 100,000 spring deflections at high levels of functionality and a long service life. We also manufacture special designs, such as slip ring-free cable reels, at any time on customer request.

Performance at a glance

  • Maximum speed 60 m/min
  • Various sizes and model series for supplying distances up to 60 m
  • Cylindrical or spiral-winding reel bodies
  • Execution as spoke reels or sheet metal reels
  • For energy and data cables as well as hoses for liquid or gaseous media
  • Available from stock: Standard cable reels ready to ship in 48 hours
  • Special solutions like

Our product range includes different series and sizes as well as a comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. locking devices, cable guide arms and wall or ceiling attachments. Standardised modules ensure that we are able to deliver the majority of products from our 48h reel range within 48 hours.